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How To Flow: 101 Basics

Rap Artist On How To Flow

The hip hop and the whole of rap industry is not for the faint-hearted. It requires high level of skills, craftsmanship and confidence so as to be successful. Check out our page and you will learn how to stay on top of freestyle rap beat and production game!

Crafting good raps requires patience, practice and uttermost self-confidence. The flow of lyrics naturally is also more of talent than practice, but the later is equally important. A rapper who is able to freestyle has an upper hand than a novice. This does not, however, mean that the latter cannot be able to come up with exclusive rap music! Here are the practical tips to guide any rapper in making beats, crafting amazing punch lines, word play, lyrical flows and winning freestyle battles.

Practical Tips

Start From Somewhere

The best rappers in the world started with simple rapping without any rhyming or punch lines. And this is the best way you can start out. So, start low with simple words and simple rhythm flow. Do not even bother writing down anything, just freestyle.

Start by something like:

My name is Tom

The best word cook

And here to book your heart

Build a Music Flow

Best rappers make mistakes and learn flow them over time. So, expect to make mistakes and allow yourself to sound stupid. Just rap crazy, express yourself and flow as wind. Do not worry about rhyming, talk senseless or even diss yourself if there is nothing to talk about. The rule of the thumb here is never worry about any mistake made or try to rectify you mistake in your next line. Feel free to insert filler lines and anything you can think of. This is how superstars like Lil Wayne, Jay Z and Eminem became professionals.


I am the beast

The best in the beat

Because I eat it

And my head dyes it

Yes, and I am the King losers

Now, Rhyme!

Rhyming marks the development of good raps. The best bet is to first rhyme in mind before even free-styling or writing lyrics. For example, if a rapper says that “he is hotter than pepper,” think of a word that can possibly rhyme with pepper and try coining the next sentence finishing with that word.

Example of rhyming words in our case are:



For example, one can say, “I am hotter than pepper, and you can ask my papa….”

A Rapper Can Now Write Lyrics

It is advisable to always write good rap lyrics before recording. Writing rap lyrics makes one free-style with a lot of easy, because rhymes and lyrics become embedded in him. A rapper should, however, avoid writing long and complex verses.

Writing lyrics everyday also sharpens the memory of a rapper and improves their writing skills. Nevertheless, writing lyrics will expand the rhymes and memory of a rapper, and change simple words into punch lines. A rapper is free-styling will also improve each and every time they write.

Bottom Line

Start your rapping career by writing and rapping about things that surrounds you, and start incorporating metaphors in writing. A rapper can perfect his/her lyrics by referring to latest events, learning how to handle a microphone, and by always listening before practicing. Listening to already established rappers is a sure ingredient of good raps.